How I fuck everybody, except my girlfriend.

Call me crazy, but how come all the pussy in the world is for grabs when you’re in a relationship? And then when you finally reach that magical single state, ‘poof’ all the pussy is gone.

I really love Nikki Heat (the GF), and we might even get married…. maybe…. Probably not…

What is love anyway? How is it that I’m in a relationship with this amazing girl, but I want to fuck everybody except her? Even though I’m not physically attracted to her anymore, I can’t stand the feeling of being without her.

We are at the point of trying an open-relationship. Well.. She’s willing to try it because she doesn’t want to loose me. But what’s the point of a relationship when you’re having sex with everybody except her?

When I meet a random girl I think about ripping her clothes off, tying her to the bed, explore her body, stuff my fingers in her pussy and fuck her so long that I’m starting to think about upping my health insurance.. But with my Megan all I can think about is boring sex.

Are we becoming ‘friends’ ?

9 thoughts on “How I fuck everybody, except my girlfriend.

  1. When a girl discovers that a guys a cheater (at least for me anyway), I automatically think he’s an absolute asshole. After reading your blog posts, you sir, are an asshole, but there is something about you I like…something that intrigues me and makes me keep reading. You own your asshole-ness and you admit to your wrongs. You keep doing them, but somehow I still manage to respect and admire you? You’re an intriguing character and I love reading what you post.

    I don’t mean to come across as rude either. I mean it as a compliment? If that makes sense?


    • Thanks for your honesty. I am glad i can intrigue you! I don’t know if owning my asshole-ness is a good thing, because if I’m oke with it I’ll never change. Admitting to my wrongs though is what I’m trying to achieve through my blog. Dealing with emotions in ‘real-life’ isn’t my strong suit.


      • From a psychological perspective, owning it is the first step. Changing it, even if it’s just baby steps at a time, can make a world of a difference.

        As for admitting your wrongs, you’re doing well and I admire your honesty and openness. It takes guys to own up to that sort of stuff, even if you’re not doing it in ‘real-life’. By writing it down and sharing it with the rest of us, it is working through your emotions etc.

        I definitely look forward to reading more of your stuff.

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      • Thanks for saying that. Maybe you’ll get some insides on assholes so you’ll save yourself a heartbreak later on 🙂 I’ll be posting a lot these days! My internship will start in 3 weeks so then I won’t have much time..

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  2. As a girl, I rarely like ‘making love.’ It, even in my longest relationships, has been a turn off. I like fucking. I go out of my way to put my guy or any random guy in the mindset for a fuck. Recently I met a guy that I’m okay with making love with cause we are both emotionally involved in the process. We are both connecting there in more than physical ways.

    Maybe she wants love making and you aren’t ready to emotionally connect during sex, so then it’s just boring sex?

    I still prefer fucking, it’s more fun, but there are benefits to both. I think it’s a two way job to keep sex fun and exciting.

    Also, I have a friend who just can’t do monogamous relationships. He believes in being emotionally faithful, but enjoys sexually open relationships where he and his gf go and fuck whoever they feel like but always come back to each other. They have the emotional connection, but both get to explore other sexual avenues. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. You just have to find someone who is okay with this kind of relationship–not just a girl who is unwilling to lose you and will put up with you sleeping with others. It’s not right to put her through that. It will hurt even if she says yes.

    Just some thoughts!

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