Her dad died… showtime!

When I think about this story it makes me kinda sick to my stomach, but at the time I felt like it had to be done. While I was looking for my next ‘victim’ I couldn’t help notice the absence of a girl I had my radar on for quite some time now. She wasn’t in class, but we knew she wasn’t sick. It turned out her dad died..

Nobody cared. Our class wrote her a card with all our names on it, but we were to lazy to deliver it ourselves, so we took it to the mail carrier. How good would it make me look if I showed up at her door with a big bouquet of flowers? I could be the shoulder to cry on… in bed… naked…

I knew I had to take it slow. I couldn’t just show up with some flowers and stick my hand in her pants, so I took my time. We talked for hours, getting more comfortable over time. She would lay against me while we talked and I would just listen.

Ofcourse it was only a matter of minutes before we made eye-contact while cuddling, and I decided to go for it… Bingo!

I always enjoyed the feeling of not knowing whether to ‘exploit’ the moment or not. I took my chances and went for ‘the move’ from my previous posts. She didn’t stop me, so I unbuttoned her pants. Here comes the tricky part.. will she let me take off her pants? If she lays flat on her back you won’t get anywhere, this is not a rape. And then, that magic moment. I just love the moment a girl lifts her hips up just a little so you can pull her pants down. Ofcourse I was nervous as hell. I had to make a performance, I would see this girl every day in class. I did my very best, and it lasted 2 minutes.

Even though it was short , it felt like ‘heaven’. 😉

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