Dark music makes me happy.

Every time I hear a dark or ’emo’ song, I can’t help but to feel happy. I can feel the lyrics slip into my bones. It touches me. I can relate to those songs. They describe how I feel at some moments. It’s like they are singing it for me, and everything’s oke.

Sometimes I wish I had a singers voice. I would write the darkest shit alive. I would sing it all day long and I would be proud.

Radiohead’s song Creep get’s me. It’s like they put all my thoughts into one song. I want a perfect body. I want to have control. I want a perfect soul. I wish I was special.

I’m a true believer that art never comes from happiness. I got my tattoo when I was in a very bad place and it made me so much stronger. It’s weird though, It’s just some ink in my arm.

Sometimes I lay my life next to the life of a rock-star (without the money unfortunately) and they also thrive on the darkness. All the sex & drugs, It’s basically a very dark and lonely place. I feel the most powerful while having meaningless sex and abusing all kinds of drugs. I’m not addicted to drugs though. I’m only in my happy place once every 3 months.

Addicted to sex is another question, but I have honestly no answer to that at this point in my life.

Share any thoughts about the darkness bringing up the best in you?

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