This music will get you laid.

When I’m at home with a girl, I’m always shitting myself. I am scared. I’m really bad at making the first move. I find it hard to look into her eyes, and every time she she looks back at me I look straight to the ground.

I think this might be what attracts me to hunting women so much. Getting over my fears. Getting the girl, even though I’m scared shitless. You should see me sometimes. Sometimes I can’t find my words, and I just rattle on without making any form of a sentence. The best thing about it though, is that girl’s go wild for this kind of shit.

They don’t want some over self-conscious dude who just picks them up and tries to get in their pants the first couple of minutes. They want to talk, get to know you. They want to laugh and share feelings. If you ask me they are taking those first meetings as a guide if they would take you as their boyfriend. That’s the state you want them in. Then they will fuck to keep you happy.

All I want to do to those girls, is get them in my bed, fuck them and kick them out. But without even noticing, my fear of making the first move is what got me all that pussy. I talked to them, looked like I was some anxious kid on a first date. They thought I was a nice guy. Relationship material (yeah right).

My way to make a move was putting on some music. It get things going. Softens them a little bit, it let them know something’s about to happen.

I always put on a long mixtape. You don’t want those pauses every 3 minutes. Also, don’t put on house or hardstyle¬†or some shit, that’s not romantic. It’s great for fucking on the beat though.

This song underneath is my go to song. It immediately starts out wrong: “I could fuck you all the time’. If that doesn’t ring a bell, I don’t know what will. It’s also 45 minutes. So after you fucked her you have to get out of bed. Great time to put your clothes on and make up an excuse to kick her out.

Try it out some times and share your thoughts about your ‘bed music’.

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