Asshole Poll: Have you ever cheated?

I know I’m an asshole, but I wonder how many people will give me an honest answer. Don’t worry, the poll will be anonymous. The results will only show a percentage of the total amount of voters. And yes, women can be cheaters too.

Keep telling yourself it wasn’t cheating because you were only 16 years old and it wasn’t a serious relationship. You cheated.

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5 thoughts on “Asshole Poll: Have you ever cheated?

  1. I was 15, in a serious relationship (whatever seriousness a 15 year old indian kid can feel about a relationship) and I thought I loved that her.. Like I belived it..
    Didn’t stop me from going second base with 2 other chicks.. One really cute girl who was 2 years my junior (from school) in an “auto-rikshaw” which the driver probably saw (it’s that yellow thing in the James Bond scene shot in India) and a below average looking classmate in a movie theatre.. I would also admit to seducing my cousin (I don’t wanna say molest because I didn’t force her into anything even in words but then she was only 12 or so at the time) Back then I kept telling myself that my girlfriend was “the one” and since I didn’t feel anything for these other ones so I wasn’t cheating.. And I guess the constant pain she put me through with her in and off thing every 3 months, I kinda thought it was the heaven’s way of punishing her..

    I should probably blog this one.. I seem to have the content..


      • “That” sounds interesting? Clearly, you haven’t read my blog have you? You should read the “experience project” posts I write.. Others too if you want to but I think the experience project you’d probably like..


      • While you’re at it.. Try the series Called “Cruel exploits” too.. You might get a filling kick with that one.. The thing is, most of the stuff that goes there might be stuff that can get me into trouble so I’m contemplating and putting in only the things I feel won’t be a hassle.. There’s just one such exploit in there as of now..


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