I took advantage of my GF’s handicap.

So I’m 18 years old at the time and off to my next girlfriend. Let’s call her Jessica. Jessica was 17 years old, pretty, grown-up, blond, cute, smart and her eyes were amazing. Jessica had a handicap. She was born with only 1 hand.

Her handicap made her very insecure. All of the pictures we took she would hide her hand behind her purse, jacket or my back. I didn’t care about her handicap, I didn’t even notice until she told me during our first date. I guess this gave me a big advantage over all the other guys, because we had sex on our first date. I was only her second guy every, so It’s not that she was ‘easy’ or something.

During our relationship I noticed she really put everything she had in it. Part of me thought it was because i really didn’t care about her hand. She was madly in love with me.. Poor girl.

She lived in another town, so seeing other girl’s wasn’t a problem. And boy did I took advantage of that. One day it went wrong. I made out with a girl who apparently knew my girlfriend. She came over once for a movie at my dorm room, and we kissed a little bit. When she found me on Facebook and saw my girlfriend she told her about us. She could describe my room in great detail. I’m screwed right? Mission Impossible? Challenge accepted!

I met with Jessica and the ultimate challenge began. My first argument was that all of the dorms look the same. I made my best friend swear I was with him all night, and showed her some photo’s ‘from that night’. Of course they were just old pictures I made with him weeks ago at a random party. She didn’t buy it for the full 100% though. I had to come up with something better. Then it hit me. Her hand.

I told her I knew she was so insecure about herself and her hand, why would I ever cheat on her? I told her I knew it would destroy you if I did anything like that. I really took my time talking some guilt into her. Trying to make it about me. She was making me look bad. She didn’t trust me.

I don’t know why, but she believed me. She even said sorry for not trusting me. I think playing into her guilt is what got me of the hook. Proud of myself? Kinda.

Yes, you may call me Jason Bourne.

6 thoughts on “I took advantage of my GF’s handicap.

  1. You sir, are an asshole.. Not that I’m in anyway better.. I feel bad for the girl..

    Would I have done anything different?
    Probably, but only in making a deeper cut so she never doubts me again..

    I think I need professional psychiatric help.. I started typing thinking I’m gonna say that it was wrong and now here I am writing about how you I would’ve played it better..


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