Sex Story #2 – Anal only please

So I’m about 19 years old and I’m being single again. I hate being single, I can’t stand it. I don’t know why, but every time I’m single I manage to fall in love again within a month.

I’m on my way to meet Susan. I know Susan from way back, but we never dated. Susan is 17 years old and so cute, I can’t even describe it. She has amazing eyes, and her body is near perfect. She is not ‘hot’ like Megan Fox or something, but I’ve always felt for girls who looked cute. It’s just something about them what intrigues me. Maybe it’s because I think cute girls look more innocent. I’ve never been into the slutty types.

So we’re kissing on my bed, and I have to be honest, I’m not sure if I should make ‘the move’. I just couldn’t imagine her as a girl who would go to second base on a first date. O man, I couldn’t be any more wrong.

A few minutes later she stops kissing me, and looks at me. Jep, she has the crazy eyes. Like she’s possessed she takes of my pants and shirt. Remember, 2 minutes ago, we were just kissing. I didn’t even touch her.

Of course my cock is already in full glory, but I already took blue balls in account. No way in hell I could have predicted this. She grabs my cock and immediately starts deepthroathing. I mean, not even a gentle kiss.

Imagine the sound gagging sound of a drowning person. GOH-GOH-GOH. Tears are running down her cheeks and I’m starting to feel sorry for this girl. It feels good though. I’m actually glad I did a nice bit of fapping before I went over. I’m hanging in there like a pro!

Suddenly she stops and takes off her clothes. I was ready to give her some sweet love, stuff her pussy with my fingers and lick her crazy. I tried to lay her on her back, but she stopped me. Our conversation went as followed:

Susan: You don’t have to do anything
Me: But I want to!
Susan: I’m on my period
Me: Oooooh.. (I said while I was already starting to lay back on my back again so she could finish her blowjob.
Susan: It’s oke, you can fuck me in my ass.
Me: (WTF??) Uhh… what?
Susan: It’s oke, I like it.
Me: Uhhh… (still shocked) I don’t kn….
Susan: (She interrupts me) Please fuck my ass.

Of course I’m not a horrible person, so I said oke. Without saying anything else she sat down in front of me on her hands and knees. I remember thinking if you needed some kind of anal foreplay, since I didn’t do anything else to her, and unlike my anal experience in my threesome, I would like to see her again. I cared about the well-being of her asshole.

I spread her cheeks apart and made sure her ass was nice and wet. I pushed my cock against her asshole, and it went straight in. Damn, this girl is freaky. I started of slow, feeling her tight asshole around my cock. Within minutes she said: ‘Harder, harder, harder’.

I was fully pounding her ass, and I must say the view was amazing. Seeing my cock going in and outside her ass made me very hot. I pulled my cock out and spread her cheeks. O my god, the sight of that asshole was amazing. I jammed it back in and continued pounding her. I never fucked anybody that hard in my entire life.

I started to fuck her really slow, with just the tip of my cock inside her ass. She begged me to fuck her harder. I have to say, her begging alone almost made me cum. It was so hot. I could feel her ass tightening around my cock and she started begging louder and louder.

I start pounding her again and she starts playing with herself. She starts screaming and her entire body starts shaking. With a big moan she comes, so fucking hard. Her ass tightens up so hard it made me think she would rip my cock right off.

At this moment her ass was so tight, you almost wouldn’t believe it. I was still pounding her and I knew I was about to come. I said: ‘Oh fuck, I’m about to come all up in your ass’. She pushed herself away, threw me on my back and put my cock in her mouth. She started deepthroathing again and in seconds my entire load was inside her mouth.

She swallowed my cum, looked at me and smiled. Best-date-ever.





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