I cheated on my GF while being on holiday together.

I’m 19 years old, and on a holiday, with my girlfriend (Jessica, the one with the handicap). Well, there were 2 apartments right next to each other, with a big club in the middle. People from both apartments would come there to party. We were both with our parents, and Jessica’s parents choose to spend their holiday there because they knew I would be there. It would make Jessica very happy. At least, that’s what they thought.

The club was amazing. Off season it would be a sex club, but in summer it turned into a normal club, with strippers. Girls everywhere. The first time I walked in, I knew I was in trouble. I had to have sex with other girls, and I had to make sure she wouldn’t find out.

The first day we both made a group of friends. This was all in my favor, because she would have ‘friends’ to be at if I wasn’t around. The first night at the club I didn’t cheat on her. I was walking around the club checking blind spots. Where could I talk to girls, kiss them, and take them home without Jessica noticing?

The nights after that, the game was on. I would spend a little time with Jessica, and then go see my ‘friends’. Of course that’s not what happened. The first time I kissed another girl I felt so exited you couldn’t believe it. I was cheating on Jessica while she was only 30ft away from me. The first night I kissed about 3 girls. Jessica didn’t find out, so I was taking it to the next level.

I fingered a girl right on the dance floor. It was crowded and since it supposed to be a sex club, everything screamed ‘sex’ in there anyway. She was wearing a short skirt, so it couldn’t be any easier. It wasn’t like I was taking her pants off or anything.

About 2 weeks in, I kissed 10 girls, fingered 8 and fucked 5. Jessica not included of course. I had sex with her during the day. It started to get tricky at this point. Most of my ‘friends’ had left so I couldn’t sneak away as easy as before, but also girls started to come back for more outside ‘party hours’. I would meet them in the toilets or in the showers. Wow, did I take a lot of long poops during the day while I was with Jessica. Must have been something I ate 😉

Jessica didn’t notice a thing, but that was mostly because I was on high alert full time. If I was with Jessica, and saw I girl I made out with, or took home, I would just turn around 180 degrees and pull Jessica with me. I would definitely recommend spending your holiday over there with the misses.


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