Most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen: A Serbian Film

I love watching movies, but sometimes I get the feeling that everything is just the same. It’s basically the same story, just with different characters. At that moment I decided to search the web for some ‘disturbing’ movies. I invited my best friend and we started watching ‘A Serbian film’. Sounds harmless right? That’s what I thought when I read this:

An aging porn star agrees to participate in an “art film” in order to make a clean break from the business, only to discover that he has been drafted into making a torture, pedophilia and necrophilia themed snuff film.


You know how people say: ‘Some things you can’t unsee’? This is definitely in full affect here. This movie is so disturbing, I can’t even put it to words. I’ve seen ‘The human centipide’ and compared to this, that movie is like Dora the Explorer. It’s not just about the gore, and the rape scenes. It just looks so damn real. The make up and special effects are so good, I had to check it online to see if it’s not just a real snuff movie. The second thing is that it’s really plausible. There are no weird monsters or anything, it’s just a group of people who kidnapped some hot girls to torture and fuck them. This could happen to girls all over the world, at any moment.


What surprised me though, is that only 2 counties banned the movie since it’s release. Brasil overturned the banning decision in 2012 which made Norway the only country to ban it. Before they could even shoot the film, Brasil got word about the movie and kicked them out. The movie was then filmed in Serbia.

serbianfilm48 (1)

The movie has 3 versions: US NC-17, the censored BBFC18 and the original uncensored version with 4 minutes of extra gore. The fact that they had to cut 19 minutes out of the movie to make an US NC-17 version is record breaking, and should give you a guide about how twisted this movie is.

The If you’re into this kind of stuff, get some friends over and check it out. No need for popcorn, you’ll not be hungry. Have you seen it? Make sure to leave a comment about your experience!

To get an impression about the movie, here is the main character killing somebody by sticking his cock into his eye! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen: A Serbian Film

  1. I’m always a sucker for my curiosity! Curse you for revealing this to me! Haha. I’ve seen the Saw movies, I’ve seen Human Centipede. Heck, I’m subscribed to /r/gore on reddit, so I’ve seen a lot.

    I shall go and watch this movie and I will let you know what I think.

    All in all though, your review has certainly made me want to watch it. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂


      • Ok so I can’t unsee what I just saw.. Last bit twist us sudden but can’t say I didn’t expect it.. Some things were just there to make the whole thing distasteful and the viewer very uneasy.. That newborn thing was deeply unsettling and quite honestly, I didn’t like it at all.. There was nothing I could see and think – “you know what, that could happen” instead, most of the times I was thinking – “why would you do that?” the character of snub film director was so damn stupid I can’t begin to explain and the brother in the mask was so predictable..

        On a regular masturbation side note – For a film on a bold subject like snub films, the makers are so conservative about nudity and regular sex.. I mean have you seen that snoop dogg porno/ music video? That has more action that this..


      • Wow, you really watched it! Did you enjoy the scene from the girl who was choked to death on a cock? I found that the only amusing part in the entire movie. True, there’s not a lot of ‘action’, but I think that’s people need time to recover after a shocking scene (like with the baby). You also have to take in consideration that this is supposed to be an ‘art’ film. It’s not just about the sex. The sex that takes place is not normal, and just sick.. Snoop dogg doesn’t do that!


      • Girl doesn’t choke on the cock, she’s murdered on it, so couldn’t really enjoy that (if she did choke out of being horny, it would’ve been a whole different story).. But bravo to the guy who thought of that.. I mean her hands are tied, gagged with a cock and her nose is pinched so she can’t breathe.. That takes someone who wants to do that in real life..

        And this isn’t really art now is it.. I mean yeah may be to someone with the right amount of insanity (if there is such a thing) but at the end of the day it’s more of a softcore snuff film if you look at it..

        Also, Cock in the eye? That was funny as shit.. Picture this, his wife got raped by him and his sicko brother.. He raped his son in the ass.. And what’s his choice of weapon to kill the guy who fucks newborns? His own dick in the pedo’s eye.. I understand anger and may be to an extent the poetic justice they tried to deliver.. But cock in the eye? Down right fucking funny..


      • Couldn’t agree with you more on that one! You should check some revieuws on youtube about the lovies. Lots of guys talk about the art factor of the movie. I didn’t get much from it because 90% of the words they used sounded like chinese to me.


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