Sex tips #3 – 12 tips to get sex through Tinder.

Everybody is using tinder, which means you should use it to find yourself some booty. I’ve had my fair chair of Tinder hookups, and it’s not hard at all.

Because it’s not face to face, you can really play with your cards open. All the rules of my other post (Sex tips #2) are not relevant on Tinder. When you are in a club, you talk to 1 girl only, and you need to impress her. On Tinder you can talk to hundreds girls at the same time. Sure on of them would take you. Rejected or you’re not getting replies? No problem, off to the next one! Here are some tips to get you going

  1. Start with something funny. This can either a reaction to her pictures, or a great pick-up line. Don’t just say: ‘Hey’. You’ll be just like all the other guys. Try to stand out.
  2. Don’t be picky. Got a match with a girl you didn’t like? You can use her to test out a pick-up line! What’s the harm of that?
  3. Make sure your range is big. Don’t put it on 5km. Put it on 50! I’m sure a 1 hour train ride is worth a hookup?
  4. Pick your best 2 or 3 pictures. Don’t let the 4th ‘average’ picture ruin it for you.
  5. Never use just one picture. Girls will think you’re a fake.
  6. Keep your damn shirt on (unless you’re Ryan Gosling). Seriously, what were you thinking?
  7. Don’t place pictures with other girls (or boys if you’re a girl). Girls are not attracted to that.
  8. Don’t be that person who posts 3 group pictures, how the hell are they supposed to know which one you are?
  9. Get her number A.S.A.P. She’ll see your Whats-app messages way sooner than your Tinder messages, so It’s easier to chat her up.
  10. Invite him/her for a movie or dinner at your place. You’re not going to have sex at the muscial from Cinderella, and you won’t have to ‘invite’ them to your place afterwards.
  11. Don’t be a creep! Yes, you can tell her you would like to meet. She doesn’t need to know what you wanna do to her right away.
  12. Make sure your Tinder notifications are turned ON. She’s not going to wait 2 hours for every response.

Good luck! Let me know if you’re getting lucky, I’m sure I will!

4 thoughts on “Sex tips #3 – 12 tips to get sex through Tinder.

    • Well personally I don’t think Tinder is build to find meaningful love or something. Tinder has become more of a hookup app to find random ass. If you’re looking for anything meaningful I would join a real dating website. Tinder is pure physical. They don’t ask for your hobbies or anything. You’re literally picking people you would like to fuck. If you’re looking for a hookup, try Tinder. If you’re looking for love, try something else


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