My first step in becoming a better man.

So in my previous blog (click here if you missed it) I thought a lot about weather to tell my GF about my blog.

I decided to tell her. I don’t want to be suspicious around her, and I have to say, it made me feel good. I feel kind of free. I don’t have to wait until she goes to bed to post something new, and I don’t have to go to the toilet every 30 minutes to answer on some comments.

She has no interests in reading my blog, she just wanted to know what I was writing about, so I told her my ‘categories’. I’ll have to take her word for it, but I think I can trust her.

I have no idea what this will do to my future posts about me and her, because I’ll always be cautious now that she knows. Even though this may effect my therapeutic reasons for this blog, it feels like a big step towards being a better person.

I have enough messed up shit to tell you from my past, so I don’t think writing ‘brutally honest, and slightly shocking’ content won’t be a problem.

Thank you for all your comments in my previous post. It helped a lot!

12 thoughts on “My first step in becoming a better man.

  1. I hope it goes well later on, us women get really worried/possibly jealous, etc. but I think it’s a great you told her. You don’t sound really like a bad person… we all have bad in us, the important thing is if we’re trying. You’re obviously trying, and that’s wonderful.

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  2. That’s awesome! You feel good, she now knows what you’re doing now, but doesn’t want to read it! It’s a win win for everyone!


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