I got excited from a rape scene – I spit on your grave

So I watched ‘I spit on your grave’ for the third time this weekend. The movie is a crime/horror/thriller, and could be described as disturbing.

The movie is about a beautiful writer who ends up in a cabin in the woods (jep, don’t know what she was thinking either). After being brutalized by her attackers she is left for dead in the river. Of course she survived, and out for revenge.


I know rape is wrong, and I would never take participation in any of that, but holy shit that shit turns me on. I think it’s about the fact of her being dominated by some guys. They have so much control over her, they can literally do whatever they want with her. The idea alone of ripping someone’s clothes off, pushing her on the ground and forcing yourself on her… That’s being dominant at a whole new level. Even though it was the third time I saw the movie, the result was the same every time: I got horny as fuck. Pretty awkward since I was watching it with my mom. She loves that sick stuff.

Before I started blogging I read some article about guys and rape fantasies. It turned out that almost every guy once had a fantasy, a dream or a wish about raping somebody. Seems plausible to me, but why?

I think for me it’s about the power. I control the situation. I decide what to do with her. I decide weather she walks out of her, or not.

Pretty heavy stuff. Luckily for me, I’ll never have to rape someone. My game is awesome! What do you guys think? Ever had any thoughts? Should I be locked up somewhere, just to be safe?

If you’re interested, here’s the trailer:

36 thoughts on “I got excited from a rape scene – I spit on your grave

  1. Having a rape fantasy is not really rare. I know of some girls who have them-me included. People just don’t talk about it a lot. Don’t feel bad about it. I know what I’m watching tonight…wink wink

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  2. Yeah, rape fantasies are fairly common, but when a person fantasizes about being raped, s/he’s still in *complete control* of the fantasy. Some people are into a little more realism and get into “rape-play” or “consensual non-consent”, but it’s all negotiated and agreed ahead of time. Not my kink, but whatever.

    I’m sure you know this Bryan, but in case the point has escaped any of your readers: having sex with someone without their consent (e.g. they said no, or they were too loaded/high or passed out, or too nervous to speak up and say no) is Not. Fucking. Cool. That shit has to stop.

    You mention power and control. This sounds like domination, which can be fun for all involved, and there’s *lots* of room to play (negotiate and get consent first!) before it starts looking anything like rape.

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  3. Totally random but i have been thinking that maybe u and i could write a post together. Your blog and mine are kind of opposite ends of the spectrum. You being super blunt and me being super honest, both of us talking about sex and relationships. Wouldnt it be cool to do a piece where we ask popular questions, then you and i both answer from our perspectives, giving both our readers a glimpse into the differences in the way a man and a woman see things? Could be anything from how do you feel about anal to more love questions. If your interested in working on something like that, i think it coukd be popular


  4. I’m going to be honest, I have a pretty vivid imagination and a very vivid rape fantasy. I’ve seen this movie plenty of times, probably, far more than you and I must say I’ve not only been turned on by these scenes but wished someone would take advantage of me in that sort of way, of course with my consent and nothing less but still, it’s a fantasy that isn’t rare although I hope someone will feed off of it one day and ravage me.


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