Sex tips #5 – 7 reasons to get rid of your six-pack.

Yes, a six-pack is nice to look at. It shows girls you are in good shape, but it’s not a guarantee you will get any more girls then when you’re not having a six-pack. In fact, it could stop you from getting more girls.

In summer, when I need to pull my shirt off, I’m shredded as fuck, and I get fucking frustrated.

Shredded – well defined muscles especially in the arms and abs
The rest of the year, I’ll maintain my normal body type, and I eat whatever the fuck I want. I’m not chubby, but most definition in my muscles is gone. It doesn’t mean I’m fat, I’m just not shredded. Why? In winter I’m wearing 10 layers just not to freeze to death, so you will never see my body. In fall I’ll begin training for my shredded stage again, so I’m back in shape in no time.

To see let you show what I mean, here is Arnold in winter (off season) and in summer (shredded)

‘Winter’ vs ‘Summer’

I’ll give you 7 reasons why you should lose your six-pack. At least in every season except summer.

  1. Staying shredded is fucking expensive. Healthy food, protein shakes, meat, meat, meat, more meat and then some. You should consider spending that money on a pretty girl in a bar.
  2. Your lifestyle will stop you from getting laid. If you want to stay shredded, you can’t get pissed drunk 3 times a week. Forget about training the next morning. If you’re dedicated to your body you’ll maybe go out once a month.
  3. No alcohol. Trying to maintain your six-pack? Say goodbye to alcohol. That shit will get you chubby as fuck. Try getting lucky while sober. Are you Ryan Gosling? No? Well, you’re fucked.
  4. Getting over-confident. Yes, we know you’re shredded, but there’s no reason to take your shirt off at every party. Most girls don’t fall for an over-confident guy. You’ll probably just look like a pumped up hillbilly.
  5. A six-pack is not a good pillow. Letting your date lay on your six-pack while watching a movie? Forget about it, that shit is rock solid. You’re not a teddy bear any more.
  6. Is your six-pack your best feature? Skinny people with six-pack abs simply look anorexic and malnourished. You’ll have to make sure your whole body is worth looking at, the whole year around.
  7. A six-pack is not a symbol for health. You can be healthy without a six-pack.

Of course there are guys who claim they don’t need to do anything for their six-pack, and I’ll admit, there are people (no racism intended, but mostly black guys) who are shredded all year around, look like the hulk and don’t do shit for it. To them I say: ‘FUCK YOU’.


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