The harsh truth. Saying ‘fuck you’ to the photoshop haters.

You know what really grinds my gears? All this talk about shifting body images. Models are getting photo-shopped, so what?

Haters tell us that photo-shopped models create a negative image about girls. Girls think they are too fat, boys can’t find anybody who looks like Cara Delevingne. Let me tell you girls, you probably are fat. Boys, Cara is hot, you’ll have to take less. If you’re unhappy about your body, there is a gym you know. You got no money? Last time I checked, running is free. Don’t blame Photoshop for it.

If I’m paying $25 dollar for a freaking Calvin Klein boxershort, I’m expecting a ripped and muscled Justin Bieber on the box. Not a skinny boy. You better make sure you put time, money and effort in photo-shopping the shit out of that kid, so I can justify the $25 dollars I just spend on a piece of fabric, which most likely will end up with huge skid mark within a week anyway.


Calvin Klein would file for bankruptcy if they went with the ‘unshopped’ version.


You shouldn’t care if a model get’s a total make over. All this crap about body images getting screwed. Girls want to be skinnier and skinnier. If everybody knows they are photo-shopped, how the hell can you get a negative image out of that. It’s fake. It’s like guys getting a negative body image from ‘The Hulk’. We all know it’s fake, it’s not a new standard, It’s just nicer to look at.

When I’m checking for some new clothes online, I don’t want to stumble across some sagged out fart. I want a guy, who wears the clothes for me to show me how it looks, and doesn’t make me wanna barf my guts out.

Out of total boredom I photo-shopped a hot chick to boost your self-esteem. Congratulations, you now are officially hotter that a photo model. Take a good look at her. She’s ugly, and probably needs to see a doctor.


Congratulations, you’re hotter than a model! Now get to the gym.



One thought on “The harsh truth. Saying ‘fuck you’ to the photoshop haters.

  1. You know why “girls want to be skinnier and skinnier?” Because of expectations. They are comparing themselves to photoshopped models, to today’s perfect woman portrayed on porn sites and young adult novels. This wasn’t true in the earlier decades where beauty was defined by a curvier woman. The problem isn’t being fat or thin, the problem lies with the changing definition of beauty that is entering unhealthy territory. Yes some women may be fat and yes they know the truth behind photoshopped images, but more often than not they ignore reason and become overly emotional. Call it a character flaw but reason alone is boring. Regardless, there’s no reason to hate Photoshop because media as a whole was responsible but clearly it is making amends. In short, you should consider both sides of the coin.


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