Sex with a crying emo-girl

I’m very attracted to emo-girls, but yet I’ve only had sex with one of them. She’s my one and only emo-girl, and she was crying.

I don’t know if it’s the make-up, the tattoo’s, the hair or the piercings, but I find emo-girls very attractive. ‘

Emo – Like a Goth, only much less dark and much more Harry Potter.

I met this girl on my holiday with my GF. We met at the club, hung out all night and ended up having sex. Nothing fancy. She ended up liking me a lot, so we decided to meet again after the holiday.

She came over at my place, we went to a party, watched a movie and ended up in bed together. We started talking about how much she liked me, and I had to play along. I couldn’t just tell her I didn’t feel the same way, because I still needed to get laid. You’re pretty, you’re so sweet, you are special bla bla bla you know what I mean, the usual shit.

I thought I finally put her mind at ease, so I kissed her. I took of her clothes and enjoyed her body. While we were having sex she couldn’t look at me. She looked sad. In some way it kinda turned me on. Did she realize I was full of crap?

Suddenly she started crying, and I didn’t know weather to stop or not. To be honest, I kinda liked it. She cried, but was moaning at the same time. I think she didn’t want to enjoy it, but yet she did. She looked at me and said: ‘You’re only being nice to me because you want to fuck me right? You have a girlfriend, I’m so stupid. You don’t like me, you just want to use me. You want to fuck me, that’s all you want’.

I couldn’t say yes, I didn’t come yet! I had a hard time trying not to laugh. The sight of it was just so sad. She was a little pile of misery. While we were still having sex, I tried to talk myself out of it. You know, the same crap as before. She didn’t stop crying until I came.

After I came she asked me: ‘So we can be together?’. I responded with a long ‘uhhhhhh’, and before I could finish my sentence she took a towel, cleaned herself up, got in her clothes and went out the door.

I never saw her again. Maybe she didn’t like it? Well, I had fun for two!:)


5 thoughts on “Sex with a crying emo-girl

  1. your’e just a fuckin asshole to play this poor lil girl .. if i were you i’ll hang her with most power i have and i’ll live with her and give her love she deserve


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