Ballad Poem #1 – Living for those easy girls.

Eat, sleep, fuck, repeat
All the things i’ll ever need
Grab your clothes, get out the door
To me you’re nothing but a score

You fell for it, I fucked you hard
You’re pretty, but not very smart
Just that I say I’ll stay with you
Doesn’t say i mean it too

You handed yourself on a golden plate
I came inside you on our first date
Don’t you worry about that pregnancy
I’ll just tell you it wasn’t me

Low self esteem is what we’re searching for
Basically, just a random whore
Sorry babe, hope you don’t mind
Told them how you like it from behind

6 thoughts on “Ballad Poem #1 – Living for those easy girls.

  1. Symptoms of narcissism include:
    Impairments in interpersonal functioning (a or b):
    a. Empathy: Impaired ability to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others; excessively attuned to reactions of others, but only if perceived as relevant to self; over- or underestimate of own effect on others.
    b. Intimacy: Relationships largely superficial and exist to serve self-esteem regulation; mutuality constrained by little genuine interest in others’ experiences and predominance of a need for personal gain


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