Get advice from a cheater.

I’ve been a cheater my whole life. Whatever I did back then, I can’t change it right now. The only thing I can do right now, is help you.

Looking back at the first 24 years of my life, I wished somebody would have stopped me. I wish somebody ratted on me. Hell, I don’t care if it was my best friend. If you’re cheating, you can’t be angry at your best friend for ratting you out. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband or wife should be angry, not you. You can only be mad at yourself.

Nobody ever caught me cheating. I always managed to talk myself out of it. Blaming it on other people. They talk too much, they are wrong, they don’t know me. Looking back, it made me bad person. I became a narcissist. I didn’t care about anybody else. I just did whatever I needed at that time.

I needed to witness the pain I caused. I needed to see my ‘GF’ in tears, unable to breath, unable to talk because of what I did. That shit would have stopped me. It would confronted me, with myself. But that never happened, so I’m still an asshole.

I’ve been in every situation, told every lie and got away with it. I added a new page called ‘Advice from a cheater’. I feel the need of sharing my experience as a cheater. You’re blinded with love, but you’re not stupid. You know when something’s up. Time to take action.

Tell me about what might be wrong. Tell me about weird behavior. Tell me everything.

I won’t accuse somebody of being a cheater, but I will tell you about what I did as a cheater. I will tell you about the lies, the reversed blaming, the denying, everything. Chances are, I’ve been there. You might now be able to see through his/her bullshit, but I might.

Check out the new page right ‘HERE

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