8 girls I would have sex with, even if I have a GF.

So we all got a list in our head about celebs who we would love to fuck. Some people even have a agreement with their partner, that if they ever had the chance, they could do it. Chances are, that’s never gonna happen.

I don’t have an agreement with my GF about my ‘celeb list’. Would I do it if I had the chance? Fuck yeah. Here’s my list.

Chloë Grace Moretz

I’ve been in love with her since kick-ass. yes, she was probably around 12 years old in that movie, whatever. She’s around 18 now, and every movie she plays in she drives me crazy. Her cute factor is out the roof, and her face just screams ‘FUCK ME’. This list is not really a ‘top 8’ list, but she’s definitely on number 1. No doubt about it! I would marry that girl.



Willa Holland

Those eyes.. She is so cute, I can’t even concentrate when I’m watching arrow. Every time she’s on screen, everything in the background goes like ‘bla bla bla’. I think if I met her in person, and she would look at me with those puppy eyes, I wouldn’t be able to talk to her. I would just stop breathing and die.


Dianna Agron

Damn, she is hot, and cute! I´ve watched 5 seasons of Glee, just for her!


Nina Dobrev

She´s my crush from when I watched Vampire Diaries back in the day. Yes, I´ve been watching a shitload of chickflicks.


Anna Kendrick

Jep, the cup song girl. She´s so cute it´s crazy. If you didn´t notice by now, I dig cuteness. I think i´m more attracted to cute girls, weather than ´hot´ girls. I´ve never felt attracted to girls like Megan Fox. Not that she´s not hot, she´s just not my type.


Hayden Panettiere

Oh yeah, Heroes! She looked damn fine in that cheerleaders outfit. She made me fall in love again in her movie ‘I love you, Beth Cooper’. Pure cuteness!


Avril Lavigne

She’s bad-ass! At least, that’s what she wants you to think. Still cute as fuck!


Jennifer Anniston

She’s what? 40? Still looks like a cute 18 year old! She’s been on my wish list for a long time now!


Ryan Gosling



So, who’s on your list?

32 thoughts on “8 girls I would have sex with, even if I have a GF.

  1. My list is quite easy. I shall only give the male names for now haha. It goes as follows: Jacoby Shaddix, Jason Mamoa, Charlie Hunnam, Travis Fimmel (as he looks on Vinkings yum) then the usual favorite, Hugh Jackman. Think that’s about it.


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