I love girls who send me nudes.

Getting nudes from a girl you haven’t have sex with yet. That’s always been my goal. It’s a challenge, and I love a challenge.

I’ve always been a ‘bad boy’ kind of guy. Girls knew it, and no matter what they say, they loved it. There’s something about women that keeps them coming back to you. Everybody in my home town knew what kind of guy I was, but it looked like they were all trying to ‘fix’ me. Well, that didn’t turn out very well, did it?

If a girl agrees to send you nudes, without ever having sex with her, your game is good. In every girl, I saw possibilities. I would chat them up for weeks if I had too. I would ask them about their day, listen to their boring stories and made them trust me. I didn’t need to have sex with all of them, I just love getting nudes.

There is a whole lot of trust involved with sending someone your nudes. I loved the whole ‘game’ around it. A girl isn’t just going to send you nudes. You have to invest time in her, so you can profit from it later. I was hooked for a long time, and I bet they got scared after sending me nudes. I wouldn’t be ‘interested’ in them anymore. I’ve achieved my goal, no need to keep up the chitchat.

Luckily for them I’m not the kind of guy to share those nudes on the internet, or with my friends. They are like my trophies, and I keep them to myself. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed a few years back, so all my pictures from the past are gone. Maybe for the best though.

21 thoughts on “I love girls who send me nudes.

  1. So strange. All I ever hear from my guy friends is how easily girls send those nude pics nowadays. As for men, I get dick pics without even asking for it.


  2. At least you aren’t one to share them with friends or strangers online, coming from someone whose had pictures posted and a sex-video posted online by an ex, I can guarantee the fact that you don’t share those makes you a million times more attractive to not only those women but women already interested in you.

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  3. I have dick pics without asking for them. Some nice, some cringe worthy. All dicks are definitely not the same! I don’t share them. I guess they are a reminder of how many men have been willing to share.


  4. Has anyone ever asked you to delete their photos? Have you ever said yes? And your yes was truth? Is it possible that any guy would really delete upon request? A curious impulsive girl who has sent nudes wants to know πŸ™‚


  5. I had a girl, unrequested, send me some photo’s a few times…my eyes only…after she sent them I would ask which ones I could keep…eventually, I kept none.

    There’s a couple of guys out there who keep their word😊

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  6. After reading this post again and the comments, you’re absolutely correct in that it is a gesture of trust to send someone vulbnerable pictures…to break that trust is to me a sign of internal weakness and a shallow interest in loyalty.

    Perhaps Ms Birches friend is someone like me.

    I don’t mean to sound arrogant like my life is full of clarity…but I am a man of my word.


  7. “They are like my trophies, and I keep them to myself” oh god you sound like a serial killer! I’d never send a nude pic to a guy because I’m way to suspicious…Some of the local guys made a secret facebook page where they shared nude pics they got from girls. Didn’t go down well when it was revealed.

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