Dating tip – Why girls ruin every chance at love.

Girls always talk about finding the perfect guy. Guess what, they don’t exist.

I know a lot of guys who would do anything for a girl. They are nothing but kind, and are always there when you had a bad break up with Mr. wrong. Sounds like the perfect guy right? Guess what. They get the same shit every time.

I can’t date you, you’re to sweet.

What’s up with that? Sounds like bullshit to me. Girls have some twisted illusion of the perfect guy. He’s insanely hot, and the sweetest guy out there. Let me tell you a secret. 99% of the time, you can’t have both.

Guys who are less attractive will be there for you. They will always be sweet, because they have to. They need to win you over and make you feel like the only girl on the planet.They will prove them self every day for you. They will listen to you, they will agree with you, they will be there for you. But that’s not what you want right?

For some bizarre reason, girls say they are looking for that, but they are not. Otherwise, why would the asshole always walk away with the girl?

Hot guys don’t give a shit about you. Girls throw them self at a hot guy by the thousands. He’s so pretty, maybe I can change him. Nope, you can’t. You’re just an easy fuck, and then we’re off to the next one. Hot guys are not some project. They will just say whatever you want to hear, fuck your brains out and leave. You must be really special for him to fall in love with you, but you’re probably not. There’s always a prettier girl, right around the corner. You probably have a better chance winning the lottery.

Think about it.


15 thoughts on “Dating tip – Why girls ruin every chance at love.

  1. It’s the same in reverse, you think women don’t do this too? (BTW I’m a woman.)

    Sometimes I meet a guy and go in with no emotion, I meet him, charm him, laugh with him, insist on paying, fuck him and then slunk away in the night or make excuses the next morning as to why I have to leave, then I dump him…unceremoniously. By doing this I hold all the cards and maintain all control, keeping emotional risk to a minimum. When a woman does this to a man the damage is far greater, because it is so unexpected (and he thinks he wasn’t good enough in bed, which is killer!!).

    Sexual equality…we can both fuck each other over now.

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  2. The reverse is also,true, but with a twist. An insanely attractive woman treats all guys like a waste of time. So who do they go for? If they want fun, then a good-looking guy. If they want a long-term relationship, a guy with money.


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