I think I’m fucked.

The people who follow my blog with every post, you might have noticed me uploading less. I used to post 3 or 4 pieces a day, but it kinda faded away.

When I started this blog, I was angry and I needed a place to release my anger. I love how I could just write the shit that was in my head for so long, even if it’s shocking.I got a problem though. Writing about all this shit made me, less angry. That makes me angry! My blog is about me being angry and talking about all the shit I pulled, but what’s left of my blog when I’m not angry about anything anymore?

I started my internship this week and I really love being a PE teacher. Things are going well with my GF, so I actually have nothing to complain about. I could just blabber on about my past, but then it wouldn’t be for therapeutic reasons anymore, since I feel better now. If I continued, then it would just be to shock people.

I don’t know what to do. I would love to continue my blog, but without my anger it will be just a dime a dozen. Should I just start a new one, and maybe less angry? A blog that I could continue to fill, especially when I’m happy? It’s strange, because I didn’t feel happy in a very long time. I’m confused.



18 thoughts on “I think I’m fucked.

  1. Good to see you happy. I bet you know a lot of asshole-guys you could write about. Or turn your blog into a help-center for girls who fall for such guys 😀

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  2. Being less angry isn’t a problem, it’s a reward! It sounds like you want to keep writing, and the question is whether you do that here or somewhere else. That’s up to you.

    A blog isn’t a contract – you have no obligation to produce anything particular, or anything at all. Don’t worry about what your followers want to hear. This is your space. If you write only for approval, you may find yourself feeling hollow.

    Listen to your gut. What does it tell you?

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  3. Give urself the space to feel the change. People who follow u are not going anywhere. If after some months or years a rough patch hits u can always come back, we will be here.

    Another blog? Yeah sure why not. But resist the temptation to link that to this one. I think it would be kinda cool if i would discover your alternate person on wordpress .


  4. Maybe you could just add another category/page and write in there and when you do get angry you still have somewhere to write. It’s good that you are happy but hey, we all have our days!


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