Another secret for my GF.. I need help!

I started this blog because I needed a place for the emotions I couldn’t show in ‘real’ life. I wasn’t happy with myself because there were so many lies. Writing about them makes me feel better. Even though I don’t know any of you, I feel like I’m somewhat becoming a better person.

Most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen: A Serbian Film

I love watching movies, but sometimes I get the feeling that everything is just the same. It’s basically the same story, just with different characters. At that moment I decided to search the web for some ‘disturbing’ movies. I invited my best friend and we started watching ‘A Serbian film’. Sounds harmless right? That’s what I thought…

Dark music makes me happy.

Every time I hear a dark or ’emo’ song, I can’t help but to feel happy. I can feel the lyrics slip into my bones. It touches me. I can relate to those songs. They describe how I feel at some moments. It’s like they are singing it for me, and everything’s oke.

My new name

Let’s get something clear.. I want to be honest, but my long walk past memory lane might hurt some people close to me. I’ve seen gossip girl, and I’m pretty sure this blog can punch me in the face if somebody discovered my real name. Let’s call me Bryan. I’ve always wanted to be Bryan. Sounds cool.…