I had sex with my student. Yes, she was underage (17).

.So I’m 21 years old and I’m a teacher at a high-school. I’m not a real teacher, i’m just an intern. I’m working as a P.E (physical education) teacher, and then I saw her. She wasn’t just cute, she had the tits and all. She was a straight up jailbait. Let’s call her Rosy.

Most disturbing movie I’ve ever seen: A Serbian Film

I love watching movies, but sometimes I get the feeling that everything is just the same. It’s basically the same story, just with different characters. At that moment I decided to search the web for some ‘disturbing’ movies. I invited my best friend and we started watching ‘A Serbian film’. Sounds harmless right? That’s what I thought…

I cheated on my GF while being on holiday together.

I’m 19 years old, and on a holiday, with my girlfriend (Jessica, the one with the handicap). Well, there were 2 apartments right next to each other, with a big club in the middle. People from both apartments would come there to party. We were both with our parents, and Jessica’s parents choose to spend their holiday there…

Dark music makes me happy.

Every time I hear a dark or ’emo’ song, I can’t help but to feel happy. I can feel the lyrics slip into my bones. It touches me. I can relate to those songs. They describe how I feel at some moments. It’s like they are singing it for me, and everything’s oke.