Poll results – Cheaters everywhere

So I thought I was bad, but it seems that I’m not the only one.

2 weeks ago I posted a poll with the question if you ever cheated. You can see the results below.

Poll cheaters


Of course this poll was anonymous, and that might be the reason for the high cheating rate, but still I wasn’t surprised. I really think most people can’t live a monogamy lifestyle. In fact, I don’t even believe mankind was build to live with only one person. Our only purpose on earth, is survival. I think I’ts in our genes to reproduce.

Many will say that’s bullshit, because our society is more then just survival. But deep down inside we are just animals. Imagine a world without all the luxury we have right now. Imagine a zombie outbreak. That will show the true nature of our kind. I bet monogamy will be out the window by then.

66% of the total votes seem to give in to our natural needs.. 33% of the total votes seem to hang on the happy thought from monogamy.

The only thing I wonder is how many ‘cheaters’ came clean about it. If I had to guess, nobody came clean, unless they got caught.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Poll results – Cheaters everywhere

  1. Most don’t come clean at all unless caught out. Those that do come clean and who are in monogamous relationships have it thrown back into their faces every time there is an argument.


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